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Assembles of matter

Setteld in the Gers, Otto Kayser, an austrian artist carries on with his work between past and futur

His original idea was it to settle in ltaly, but then, in 1990 this nomad from Austria finally found his South in the earth of Gers.
Trained as an architect
Otto Kayser passed his youth in Innsbruck. He qualified in 1967 from the Technical University in Vienna, during that time he attempted the arts of tachisme and collage. While travelling around, his brief encounter with film work brought him to take part in the shooting of an ethnological film on the New-Hebrides in the Pacific

From 1975 he dedicated himself to reserch on cosmo-genous cycles [X•X] and his transcription into a psychological and visual laguage [XX-DE-FR].
A hymne to life
It’s in the Gers that Otto Kayser found roots and the earth which made him feel welcome giving him new hope. ln his isolated home in the middle of the fields he now sculpts time and space assembling different elements discovered here and there. The symbol of the 3-dimensional obiects invites the viewer to reflection. The artist doesn‘t want to be seen as a moralist, he only poses questions on the yesterdays of objects and the futur of their matter.

Objects thrown away
by a hurried, blind man,

the land so often sold off cheaply, its earth are the base materials of his works. «Les maîtres du maïs / The masters of corn» a landscape picturing the adventure of this grain, which came from the Mayas, nowadays stuffed with pesticides and fertilizers, all of which nourishes the whole planet.
A mirror judiciously placed in the heavens invites the viewer to share in the guilt of man «I don’t have the solution» says Otto Kayser in front of his assemble fresko [XX-DE-FR], where Horus the Egyptien god stands alongside the daily ingredients of the XX century. The artist accepts and shows this reality but high above this line of rubbish the suns rays beckon us to other horizons.

The assembles, sometimes balancing between facetious humour and fetichism, one poses questions, but the odd relics created by the artist brings the debute back to a dimension other than a spirituel and philosophical one. Otto Kayser‘s creations, forever searching for aesthetical harmony, are a marvellous hymn to life.

|life story|
© Otto Kayser
(Otto Kayser, OttoKayser, Otto Kaiser, Kayser Otto, KayserOtto, kosmogen, cosmogen, cosmogene, cosmogène)
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«Sud Ouest»
«Au-delà de la Terre Gersoise»
Photo: Dominique Bragagnolo
La Dépêche/ 1998